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The Darkness; Brooding, magnificent. Like the mighty mother condor sitting upon a rock egg in a nest of curly hair on the side of a powerful mountain.

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Permission To Land…Again – 20th Anniversary Deluxe Reissues Available Now!

Welcome To The Darkness – Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Available To Pre-order!


Tour Dates & VIP Experiences!

Join us on the Permission To Land 20th Anniversary global tour!

“When Permission to Land landed, twenty short years ago, we were bathed in shock and awe. As if by magic, Rock wasn’t dead! Fun wasn’t banned! And Spandex was almost acceptable again…

Well, guess what? Twenty years on, the same rules apply. So please to squeeze yourselves into those inappropriate leggings, back-comb your mullet, splash on a big handful of attitude, and come celebrate with us! We promise everything and we deliver, every time. Bring on the next twenty!

The Darkness. The best. For you. Forever.”

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