Arriving in a cloud of glitter and power chords, the majestic astronauts Justin and Dan are descending from glam stratosphere to bring you the tones that have shaped the history of rock.

From heavy distortion to cranked amps, the brothers leverage their experience from tour to studio to give you guitar pedals that pay homage to their iconic albums.

Started by the brothers in 2023, Hawkins Brothers Audio is Dan’s and Justin’s creative platform for audio explorations.

They partnered with an acclaimed pedal builder to bring the exact tone of their seminal album, Permission to Land, to select pedalboards across the globe.

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  • 20th anniversary edition celebrating the tone of the album Permission to Land
  • Justin and Dan’s album tone in a box
  • Each pedal comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Justin and Dan
  • Designed and built in the EU
  • Original art celebrating the band’s seminal album
  • Hugely versatile – create your own tone or replicate Justin and Dan’s riffing and soloing tone