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Team Members

Rufus Tiger Taylor

Found mostly in the center of stage behind his formidable drums set, Rufus is a multi dexterous rhythm machine; he plays with both hands and a foot. His other foot does things too, but it’s unclear exactly what those things are. Fans often remark on how surprisingly tall Rufus is (6ft11), but it’s important to […]

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Frankie Poullain

Frankie Poullain; bass, backing vocals and cowbell. Frankie’s father was an ice pirate from the future and his mother is French. What makes Frankie tick? Bass. Japanese food. The small of a woman’s back. Frankie is a sensual, sophisticated lover; a true provider. Approach with tenderness, otherwise he’ll be all over you “like a pig […]

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Dan Hawkins

Daniel Francis Rossi Hawkins is The Darkness’ Captain Fantastic. A truly great guitarist. A brilliant producer. A fearless leader. The lady contingent love to watch Daniel writhe in a circular motion while his fingers explore the fretboard, as if the rosewood was a hitherto unchartered hectare of rainforest gateaux. When the guitar squeals involuntarily to […]

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Justin Hawkins

It is I, Justin Hawkins. I was borned in the past. I will die in the future. You lot can fuck right off.

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