Ladies. Gentlemen. Children (of eligible age, as always). Here we are once again, the other side of the dreaded pestilence, and ready to ROCK!

It is time to reconvene, one and all, for the VIP experience of all your dreams and imaginations! Join us for soundcheck, to rejoice in a jolly Q&A, proudly wear a bespoke and special laminate, join our brethren in a group photo that´s yours to keep forevermore! AND gain early access to the show and resplendent merchandise for your fine selves.

As always, one blessed VIP partner will stand alongside the band, on the stage, playing the song of their MOTHERFUCKING choice (from a list that we will provide – don´t get too inventive, now!) – at the soundcheck, which is widely regarded as the best time to do this kind of thing.

Are you all STILL gawping at your handheld device? DO IT NOW!  Join us, be one with us, post us, like us, we are yours, once again, hurrah!

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TD x