Good News and Bad News from  Century Pigeon Studios.

The bad news is that Frankie’s “Brown Bastard” bass suffered an injury last night; the headstock snapped almost clean off. Softy is planning a visit to B&Q for some Cascamite glue, so Frankie will have to use the spare in the meantime. Fear not, this is what spares are for. The decapitation occurred mid-take on a particularly difficult song, which interrupted the flow of the recording somewhat. I think it’s safe to say that we’re back on track.

In addition to this bad news, Dan leant on a stove whilst struggling to roast up some fluffy potatoes and has burned his arm. It’s a bit sore – more updates on this story to come.

The good news is we’re capturing some tremendous performances and everything sounds A.O.K!

Tonight the guys enjoyed grilled salmon fillets on a chaise longue of lentils; I had falafels instead o’fish. Toni baked a delicious cake for Ru’s birthday, which falls upon International Women’s Day. Coincidence?

Justin 🙂