The Darkness have released the title track of their forthcoming jaw-dropping quasi- sci-fi concept album Easter Is Cancelled, out next Friday (Oct 4th) via Cooking Vinyl. ‘Easter Is Cancelled’ gives a taste of what to expect from the band’s most diverse album yet. The song features almighty guitar solos and riffs, delicate acoustic touches, highflying falsetto, barbarian chants and space-age electronics.

Due to the album’s artwork being banned by certain platforms for its religious connotations, the band have released a video for ‘Easter Is Cancelled’ featuring both the original and censored artworks.



Regarding the creation of the song drummer Rufus ‘Tiger’ Taylor says, “That was the last song we wrote for the album. We needed a fast one. So Dan and I were given
that challenge. We had a day of jamming. It was one of those things where we just sat down and bang – the first thing we played became the first four bars of the finished song.”

Continuing frontman Justin Hawkins says, “Rufus and Dan came up with this AC/DC boogie thing, except with all these weird, progressive time changes. Lyrically, it’s one of the multiverse ones. You can’t be angry about a multiverse. It makes everything more manageable. You have to be comforted by the fact that there’s a reality somewhere it isn’t all shit. Conversely, when everything is going right, there’s a universe where it isn’t, and you should be grateful.”

The new album Easter Is Cancelled is their most exciting yet, a mini-rock opera examining the role of the musician in the barbarous culture of the world today. At the heart of the tale is love, loss and heartbreak, where redemption is ultimately
found in the brotherhood of band friendship and the power of the guitar.

The title track is the latest song to be released from Easter Is Cancelled and follows the emotive ‘Heart Explodes’, this week added to the Radio 2 playlist, and the five- minute epic ‘Rock And Roll Deserves To Die’.

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