Grab your VIP UPGRADE tickets and get yourself all decked out in the latest Darkness finery. Be the envy of all of your friends, both real and cyber and spread glorious photos of yourself being the epitome of cool all over the internet.

What is the VIP upgrade you ask? Enter the venue 2 hours early like a proper rock star. Hang out for soundcheck and secure your spot right in front of the stage. Meet and greet the band, get your T shirt signed and have a photo op!


Here are just a few testimonials-

“I got so close to Justin I could see my reflection in his pupils. He smelled like the sweet nectar of summer love.”- Marisol, Bilbao.

Nicloa wrote “My perfect day started at the Alcatraz, The guys were friendly, relaxed and playful.  I felt like I was in a family!” – Milan, Italy

Luis said, “VIP was an awesome experience, I hope everyone gets the chance to go and meet the guys they are hilarious!” – Stuttgart

Terry said, “Everyone was so kind, shaking hands, talking, showing tattoos,…Frankie, Justin, Rufus and Dan are like no other band I have ever met.  So devoted to the fans, the VIP was so worth it.  I thought I would be shy but the guys are so cool and down to earth, it was like talking to your friends!”

Laurie said, “The VIP is better than any other band’s VIP offering.  I have been to many and The Darkness is the most up close and personal experience I have ever had at a VIP.  They really care so much for the fans, they answer your questions, sign things, I even got to hug them all! My husband talked tech and guitars with Dan and Frankie, it was just amazing.  I can’t say enough about it.  DO IT!”

VIP ticket is an UPGRADE.  SHOW TICKETS must be purchased separately.