Hi guys

We have been relaxing over the last few days in sunny Brisbane. The Australian tour starts tomorrow night (April 27) at Eaton Hills Hotel, QLD 4037. I cannot wait!

I must say, New Zealand was utterly beautiful and I was so happy to get a chance to see Wellington and Christchurch for the first time. I’m delighted to report that from now on, every time we come a-touring in this part of the world we shall always endeavour to play as many shows as possible in NZ. Yay!

Today we have chartered a boat for some much needed “pissing about on a boat” time. Looks like thunder storms this afternoon but fear not; Soft Lad is a trained lifeguard.

Yesterday we visited Bee Gees Way; It is the road in Brisbane where the brothers Gibb were borned. It was really quite moving. By sheer coincidence, I’ve been listening to Main Course all week. I feel really inspired!

See you tomorrow night, Brisbanians!

Justin 🙂