Day 2 of the Album V recording sessions.

We’re recording with producer Adrian Bushby and engineer George Perks at Century Pigeon Studios in rural Englandshire. Ian ‘Soft Lad’ Norfolk is in da house, tuning guitars, assisting and taking photographs on my mobile phone.

Century Pigeon’s proprietor kindly gave us a grand tour/history lesson upon our arrival yesterday. The live room is a repurposed chapel, not unlike the chapel in which we recorded most of Permission to Land. Buried beneath its foundations are the ancient remains of some medieval knights that went on a quest. Apparently Henry VIII recorded some of his solo wax cylinder* here… or something. I don’t know – I wasn’t listening.

Last night we had shepherd’s pie. Mine had soya mince in it.

Anyway, we’re already on the 3rd song. So far, so good.

Wish us luck!

Justin 🙂

*A wax cylinder is a bit like a primitive USB stick.