Prance over the velvet rope! Enter the venue early like a proper superstar! Go VIP!


Watch and listen as the band go through their soundcheck, fiddle with knobs, ch, ch, ch, check the microphones, tune in, turn on and turn up while they run through their gear. In the past, VIP’s have been treated to musical surprises such as, Dan playing Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond,” Justin playing “English Country Garden” whilst having dinner atop his keyboard, and the birthing of some new songs! You never know what might happen during these intimate moments.

Q&A with the band-

Get your questions ready. Ask about their gear, their exercise regimen, their favourite films, foods, or football clubs.

Group photo with the band 

Your photo will be taken with the band by the VIP host so get your rock star poses perfected. The photos will be uploaded to a dropbox link and will be available for you to access and download within a few days. Share them online, on twitter, instagram and facebook and don’t forget to tag #TourdePrance and #TheDarkness!

Tour of the stage

You will be escorted to the stage and given a tour of the bands gear. Dan’s pedal board is the 8th wonder of the world!

Crowd free merch shopping

Grab all the fresh “Tour de Prance” merch ahead of the crowds.

Exclusive VIP  T-Shirt –

Every VIP will receive a T shirt only available to VIPs!

First to the barrier queue –
After the VIP experience, you may be escorted out of the venue but allowed to join a special ‘first to the barrier’ queue that will gain you admission ahead of the general ticket holders to allow you to get a prime spot.



Q: When will I get my VIP ticket?

A: Your confirmation email from your purchase is your ticket.  If you have more than one VIP per order number, please plan to arrive together for check in.

Q: But my mom bought my VIP Upgrade! How will I get in?

A: It’s ok, bring photo ID and let the VIP host know or shoot a quick email to

Q: Can I get things signed?

A: Due to tightened security this is not a guarantee. Also the format, and schedule are always subject to change due to the complexities of touring. With increased security at venues, many items are not allowed to be brought in. Guitars cannot be signed!

Q: Does my baby child need a ticket?

A: All VIP’s must have a gig ticket and VIP upgrade ticket to attend.  Please check with the venue on age limit policies.  Also, if you are intent on bringing young ears to a gig, please be mindful it is LOUD!

Q: Can I have a photo with (insert band member here)?

A: The North American VIP Upgrade includes group photo. Due again to increased security measures, timeframe, and schedule needs.

Q: Can I video the soundcheck or take photos at the soundcheck and VIP?

A: NO!.  Keeping it secret and keeping it safe is what makes the VIP exclusive!

Q: What time do I arrive for VIP?

A: You will get an email the day before the gig to advise you time and location to meet.  Generally it is 2 hours or so before doors, however, it may be earlier so please make sure to scour your email, and spam folders prior to arrival.

Q: I stopped to help some stray dogs cross the road, I am going to be late, can I still get in?

A: If you are going to be late, please email and arrangements will try to be made, however, as soundcheck is noisy, and venues are locked, please, pretty please, with sugar on it, arrive at the designated time.

Q: I had explosive diarrhea and I can’t make it, can I get a refund?

A: Again, there is a no refund policy for VIP, however, in extenuating circumstances please email to inquire.

Q: How will I get my group photo?

A: You will be emailed a link to download any photos.