The journey begins: Our new album Last Of Our Kind is being released on the 1st June 2015. Now available to via Pledge Music where you’ll get the new track Barbarian if you pre-order. It’s also available over at iTunes.

We’ve also released our awesome new video for the first track on the album Barbarian – real-life story of Viking Ivar the Boneless’ Great Heathen Army and their gory defeat of Edmund the Martyr’s East Anglia in the ninth century. It’s filled with blood, violence and excessive guitar solos. Tell everyone you know endlessly for the next 2 months until they finally threaten you with pain or chocolate.

Last of Our Kind track listing:

1. Barbarian
2. Open Fire
3. Last of Our Kind
4.Roaring Waters
5. Wheels of the Machine
6. Mighty Wings
7. Mudslide
8. Sarah O’Sarah
9. Hammer & Tongs
10. Conquerors

After just 24 hours the new release was featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine and The Lowestoft Echo.

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